The Olive Tree Community

Olivetree-sm.pngWhen Bethany’s society for planned giving donors was formalized two decades ago, the olive tree became its symbol. Signifying peace and joy, the olive tree has been cultivated for 6,000 years. A single tree can live a thousand years and even if damaged at its trunk, it has the capacity to restore itself from root for continued life.

Because the olive tree matures slowly, one rarely plants for the current generation. Rather, planters of the olive seed are leaving a legacy for future generations. Borrowing from the title of our gift-planning newsletter, The Olive Seed, we hope that you may want to plant a seed that will sustain leadership for tomorrow’s church.

Bethany’s Olive Tree Community welcomes into membership those who have made a gift-planning commitment in any of several ways—provision for Bethany in a will or testamentary trust, a charitable gift annuity or a charitable remainder trust for Bethany, or designation of a life insurance policy or a residual in a retirement plan, to name a few. If you have remembered Bethany in any of these ways but have not notified us of that decision, we would be glad to know your intention so we may include you in Olive Tree Community recognition.


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